"Let us all unite!"

Skilled Craftsmanship from the ground up


Pasquarelli Construction is a full-service, design/build contractor with one foot firmly planted in the philosophy of old-world commitment to quality craftmanship and the other in modern construction trends and techniques. Each project is unique and requires understanding the clients’ needs, personality, and objectives. By listening to our clients, we can give them the personal touches that make each  project stand out and truly reflect the character of the business.


Pasquarelli Construction has helped shape the landscape for many local area business in Eugene and throughout Oregon. With a keen design sense and a comprehensive understanding of the unique needs of restaurants and businesses, we will work closely with our clients to deliver a solution that’s both eye-pleasing and allows the space to operate efficiently.


Whether it’s a custom piece of furniture, a home remodel, a 200sf structure, or a 5,000sf custom dream home, Pasquarelli Construction has the skills and experience to get the job done right. With a well-equipped shop, we have the tools and the team to bring your vision to life!

By the end of the project, Jeff had demonstrated such caring and trustworthiness, I now consider him a good friend. That’s the kind of contractor you want for your project.
Thomas Pettus-Czar
Co-owner, The Barn Light
Thank you Jeff for the amazing job you did for me. Couldn't have ever found better guys than the 3 Jeffs!
Burt Johnson

A few of our clients