What we do

As a design/build contractor, we will work closely with you from concept to closeout, valuing your input throughout the process. We employ only the most highly skilled craftspeople and partner with trusted, local subcontractors. Through integrity and leadership, Pasquarelli Construction exceeds customer expectations for quality, service, and safety.

Jeff Desler’s design skills matched with his 40+ years of carpentry gives him the tools necessary to help guide clients as he brings their vision to life; guaranteeing your home is structurally sound and meets all code requirements.

When Jeff Desler was asked if he would be interested in being an owner in his first restaurant remodel 18 years ago, he never knew it would lead to this! Having the experience of owning and working in restaurants has given Jeff the knowledge and skill to understand the unique flow of restaurants.  As a result he can easily work with the business owner to maximize seats in the front of the house, while setting up the back of the house to meet codes and run efficiently.

Having a complete woodshop that is the home to a craftsman with 30+ years’ experience means we don’t just build structures. Taking pride in the details and having the resources to custom design and build individual projects makes the journey so much more interesting! Complimented by having a skilled welder in our company means the sky is the limit, so what can we build for your home, yard, or business?